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The culture was acquired in 1995, the vizsla is a great recognition and vadászkörökben Csertaparti kennel was purchased Csertaparti female dog named Indi started. The good sense and abilities of a dog because I decided that we should keep this bloodline. So far, more than 30 litters were born on the basis of this bloodline. Each parent is classified as a minimum tenyészszemlével, alapvizsgával dysplasia and filtration.

A descendant of kids, without exception, "A" pedigrees. The parents show results on the basis of the culture reached the Master title. The excellent bloodlines and healthy as a result of the stock pups looks like a promising nervous system, excellent hunting.

Hungarian kutyaneveket we try to figure out the kennel name of choice was also governed by the dogs and the property of their place of residence. Zalaegerszeg Becsali of panoramic, rural, forest-lined neighborhood where the owners are actively communicating, almost unable to speak, is requiring the company of caregivers 'talk' live.

"The dogs are not our whole life, but makes our life complete "

Roger Caras

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